Monday, 19 December 2016

Family time

This year it will just be the four of us for Christmas, so we've enjoyed two get together's, to make up for not being together on the actual day.

Saturday night we went to ASK Italian in Wells with Jeff's side of the family, for a lovely meal and catch up - it's always lovely to see the 'cousins' together and Sam proudly basking in the knowledge he is now the second tallest in the family!

And today we headed down to Darts Farm near Exeter, to meet up with my family. Mum, Dad and Granny travelled up from Cornwall and my sister and niece down from Bath. It must be a popular spot as it was soooooo busy, thankfully we'd reserved a table. After a lovely lunch, presents and hugs exchanged in the car park, we made our way home.

Two years ago we had our first ever Christmas, just the four of us. I was dreading it - to me Christmas was being busy, lots of people and noise and chatter. But it was actually a lovely calm day, spending probably the most quality time together, we had shared in a long time.

Hoping this year will be the same, as now they're older, Christmas day is a very different time x

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