Sunday, 18 December 2016


So last Monday, the first day of Jeff's holiday, I cashed in one of my Birthday presents - a 'moan free trip to Ikea'! We went straight after the school run, got there 5 minutes before it opened, had just a few things on my list and it was actually successful and uneventful! Jeff 'trolley surfed' the aisles and meatballs were consumed and everything on the list ticked off.

We bought this chair for the kitchen.....

....and this foot stool for the sitting room, which is already being put to good use!
I'll have to ask for that again, Jeff hates going to Ikea and this ended up being a pleasant 'moan free' morning!

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KC'sCourt! said...

Rewarded by being able sit with his feet up after the "moan free" trip to IKea

I'll have try that if I want to go somewhere where I have to drag my husband to.

Julie xxxxxxx