Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas at 79!

Last year we didn't 'do' Christmas as we were in the throws of the build. It was chaos, messy, everything was in storage and we went to Cornwall for actual Christmas, so didn't bother.

This year however, I get to decorate this fantastic new space and it's been lovely finding new homes for all my lovely Christmas bits, old and new.

 I've tried not to use everything - keeping it simple but still Christmassy 

The finished sitting room houses the second smaller tree (from Ikea) 
and is just right for this room

It feels festive but not cluttered

The main tree is in the kitchen as it's the biggest room in the house and the place where we all spend most of our time together. I basically live in the kitchen with my little corner there and the underfloor heating is a big bonus, plus the kettle isn't too far away!! I LOVE this room - all the mess this time last year was soooooo worth it, to have such a fantastic space now and I can't wait for actual Christmas day xx.

We've even put some lights out outside - they're slightly 'warmer' than I was expecting but a little festive touch for anyone passing by. Will add to them next year!!

So as always, I say I'm not buying anything new and each year I can't resist. This year I bought this fab pudding biscuit jar - only £10, so I had to have it!

The boy, for this first time ever has taken an interest in shopping, so we went to Bath last Saturday to get him some new clothes and do a few gift bits. He is so tall now 5:10, growing up far too quickly. 

Sophie has got herself a job and is busy working all weekends and Thursday late night shopping. She's saving up for extra driving lessons, we go out when we can and she is doing really well. 

Jeff finished yesterday for Christmas - he has had such a busy term, so the break is most welcome although he still is busy refereeing and doing a little tutoring, plus working his way through a list of jobs to do at home. He'll be glad to go back to school for a rest. As you can see he's been losing weight too - he is obviously eating SW food , exercising more and he says, less snacking between meals. We both feel so much better for losing a few pounds.

I'm still keeping the weight off. I always struggle at this time of year as I love cake, mince pies, stollen anything doughy and christmassy BUT I am determined that the weight is not going to creep back on, so I still regularly attend my local Slimming World group to keep me focused, accountable and motivated to keep going. I will of course enjoy the odd treat this Christmas but I will be keeping a check on the scale too!

I have a date with the box of Christmas cards for the remainder of today, then orders to get picked and packed tomorrow. Then I hope to make a start on present wrapping, one of my favourite jobs - coffee, Christmas tunes, lights on and a few hours present wrapping, maybe a mince pie or chocolate too - bliss.

Enjoy your festive preparations xx

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Anonymous said...

All looking lovely and festive!
Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.
Mandy x