Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Christmas Eve

So it was just the four of us for Christmas and whilst I miss the hustle and bustle of a busy big family Christmas, I also enjoyed the slower, quieter pace of a Christmas for 4!

I've had plenty of time to sit and enjoy the odd film (with a mince pie or two)

And we were treated this year, to a very slim Father Christmas beside the tree on Christmas morning - very unexpected it was too!!

I still make an  effort, even if it just the four of us....

..... and I may of cooked for more (a lot more!!) 
but who doesn't love leftovers.

Sophie was working on Boxing Day and my sister and niece came over late afternoon, so Jeff, Sam and I walked walked to Glastonbury Tor from our house and back, 10k - burnt off a few Christmas calories and blew a few cobwebs away! Might make it a new tradition!

So Christmas is over, everyone has gone out - Sophie to meet a friend, the boys to the cinema to see Stars Wars and me? I am about to take the tree down. I used to always take it down New Years Day - new year, fresh clean start and all that but this year I'm going to take it down today on the 28th! I'm leaving some lights up and I have some decorations to put up for New Years Eve, so it won't be completely normal! I'm also getting back into my Slimming World groove. I have probably been the most relaxed in 2 years about what I have eaten this year but I can feel the pounds creeping on and I don't like it. So I have drawn the line and am back 'on-plan' today, rather than wait until the start of the new year. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas
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Enjoy this 'limbo' time between Christmas and New Year x

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