Sunday, 17 June 2018

What a week ....

.....last pick up from school for the boy!

......last school run together!

.......last morning being shouted to get ready and last exam for Sam!

We went out to celebrate with a visit to GBK on Saturday evening. Sam was out with friends on Friday and Jeff was at a school BBQ, so it was just the three of us. He has a fabulous 11 week summer holiday ahead of him. He's keen to find a job but he's still only 15, so might be tricky. CV writing is top of the list, a return to swimming is there too, as is a room clear out and makeover for his 16th birthday present - the Lego is being boxed up and stored away in the attic!!

Jeff has been in demand all week, switching from A'Level Mechanics to GCSE Physics in the space of a few minutes!! They're so lucky to have him around to help. I do remember my poor Dad going to night school, to learn the current techniques of the day, to help me out with my Maths O'Level. There were lots of tears but I did pass and am ever thankful and grateful to this day, a timely reminder with today.......

....... being Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Jeff's Dad and of course Jeff, Dad to our two.
Couldn't ask for better role models in all our lives.

Fatherly duties are apace for the robins too. Both robins have been sitting on the nest, they've become more active the past couple of days, so I'm wondering if the eggs have hatched. It was, according to Google, this weekend that the eggs should hatch.

My strawberries are producing a pretty decent crop this year, enough to pick a bowlful every couple of days. The raspberries and blackberries are full of flowers too, so I'm hopeful of a reasonable crop from them too.

I'll leave you with this beautiful image of Glastonbury Tor, taken at 4:30am from the bathroom window. A calming image which I hope will soon be reflected in our lives at home too. Sophie's found the exam stress and pressure a little overwhelming this time around. I know why, it matters this time, her University place depends upon how well she performs but I do think there is far to much pressure on them. I also think it unfair that some have unconditional offers, so have the pressure eased for them, knowing they have a place regardless of how well they perform. There is never an even playing field sadly but I have hated seeing her doubt herself and her abilities.

Anyway, here's to a new week ahead, last two exams for Sophie then she'll be done. Prom suit shopping for the boy and dress shopping for the Summer Ball are next on the 'to do' list!!! Heaven help me and my poor purse xx 

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