Sunday, 24 June 2018

And they think it's all over...... is now!
On Friday Sophie sat her last exam - Maths Core 4 and it was finishing in the vein of all her exams - very hard! I get the feeling and I'm sure it's said every year but the exams this year seem to have been really hard. 

Anyway she's done now, I feel exhausted from seeing her worried, full of self doubt, the tears, 5am wake ups, biting her lip..... needless stress in this day and age, their must be a better way.
I'm a believer in things happening for a reason though, what will be will be - doesn't make it any easier to watch but we will take things as they come. Either off to Reading, somewhere else through clearing or an extra year at home to resit and rethink!

With the end of exams, comes the Sixth Form Summer Ball. After Prom suit shopping on Friday with Sam and coming home with nothing, I was dreading a day at Cribbs on Saturday, dress shopping with Sophie but we found 'THE' dress, in the first shop!! Miracles do happen and she looked beautiful, a waist to die for x

The weather has been beautiful the past few days and if the forecast is to be believed, we've a couple of weeks of beautiful weather ahead. Perfect excuse to open up the kitchen doors out into the garden. The children now have the Summer ahead, although both are hoping to find jobs! Jeff breaks up on Friday, so getting through the final week slog and me? I'm still working throughout the Summer, the downside of set hours but I can leave lists for them all to do, they can hang the washing out and do the food shopping and the alarm can be set a little later.

With good weather, you get fantastic evening skies.

Robin update - all week the robin pair have been flying back and forth ....

....feeding their chicks, as I suspected. There are two I think, daren't take too long by the nest in case I disturb them but it's brilliant to see.

Will keep you updated - have a great week x

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