Friday, 1 June 2018

June..... hello!

How is it June already??
Not complaining, as soon all the exams will be over, stress levels will drop and hopefully we'll be treated to some glorious sunshine!

The week started off well, when I was working..... a few days off and it's pouring!

Jeff's been busy all half term out in the garden, between the showers, doing the final bit of hard landscaping out the back. He's covered over the old crazy paving patio area with a mix of gravel and
decking, looks better already!


The allium flowers are changing into seed heads, still beautiful, just different. I think that's why I like them so much, they change and last for ages.

So half term is coming to an end. Sophie's A Levels start next week and continue over the next 3 weeks. Sam having completed 2 weeks of exams already, has 11 down - 10 left to go and in 2 weeks time will be done! He has a very jammy 11 week break ahead of him before he starts College.

I'm looking forward to exams being over and our holiday to Majorca a few weeks later. 
Let the countdown begin.....

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