Sunday, 8 July 2018

Rest of the weeks round up!!

So on Monday I did an early at work, 6am alarm!! Sophie and friends headed off to Cornwall for a few days, staying in the Youth Hostel in St Ives, driving our car! Was a relief to get the text to say they had arrived safely, I must say.

We celebrated, with ice-cream, our 3 year house anniversary. Doesn't seem possible that we've been here 3 years already but on the other hand feels like we've lived here for longer! Pic on the left was the last night in our old house, eating up the contents of the freezer. Pic on the right was taken, once bribed with ice-cream, to get a comparison pic!!

This one has enjoyed his first week of the holidays - England just might be 'coming home'!!

Jeff and Sam went to Yeovilton Air Show yesterday - Father's Day pressie. They enjoyed it but it was very hot, too hot. They watched the Red Arrows then came home for the football1

We are enjoying a mini heatwave here at the moment, for UK standards! It's been gorgeous wall to wall sunshine. I'm still working in a very cold, air conditioned supermarket but making the most of it when off. I now have a week off, a few days in Cornwall planned, then back in time for the next England game!!! and Summer Ball for Sophie.

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