Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Special Birthday Celebrations

  Before I get around to doing my holiday post, yesterday we had a special birthday to celebrate,

....my Granny's 95th birthday.

Now her actual birthday is the 27th but we were away on holiday, so we planned a little family lunch, to celebrate on our return. I ordered the balloons before we went away, sorted out with my sister who was making what and made a food shopping list for our return.

It did mean I spent the last day of my holiday cooking but it also meant we had plenty of leftovers too. 


Great Grandchildren

Mum and dad chauffeured Granny up from Cornwall and ended up taking my niece Ella back with them too, for a few days holiday. All this lovely weather we've been enjoying and of course, the one day I wanted it to be sunny, it had to rain. So plan B eat in the kitchen, which was perfectly fine given we have all that lovely space.

I made a pavlova, not made one in years but not lost my touch and my sister made the birthday cake.

I think she had a good day - Happy Birthday Granny x

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