Thursday, 12 July 2018

Vitamin - Sea

On Sunday evening we escaped to the sea.

A few days in Cornwall staying with my parents, a chance for some to swim in the sea or in my case, just simply breathe in the sea air.

A rare chance for the four of us to spend time together.

Jeff took this one of me on cliff side, trying to take a good pic of the setting sun....

.... I think it was worth it!

We went to Portreath, the beach of my childhood. My Granny lived on the cliff top, middle bungalow of 3, with views out across the Atlantic, for 57 years. I spent every summer there, I guess I never truly appreciated just how lucky and spoilt I was, I didn't know anything different....

....sunsets like these were a regular occurrence.
Wasn't I a lucky girl?

The bungalow is no more, well not as it was, it's been knocked down and something 6 times the size has gone up in it's place but....... 

........ the Pepper Pot remains! Perched on the cliff edge, just down from Granny's old bungalow, where many a Summer's evening was spent.

Monday, with fabulous sunshine forecast, we headed to St Ives for the day.

Straight to Porthgwidden beach, our favourite spot and partly because it's a dog free beach for Sophie. It was slightly odd going out of proper school holiday time, it was still busy but not as busy as it will be in a week or two's time. 

These 3 braved it, I'm waiting for the med in a few weeks time!!

The boys even found a rock to dive in from.

Pasties were on the menu, of course.....

....from the best bakery in town!

And then tea in the Hub.... place to eat, best table, with the best view.

We went back to St Ives on Tuesday - Fore Street busy as usual.

The sea changes so much from one day to the next - big waves and surf. The boys spent ages in the water, whilst Sophie and I had a mooch around the shops.

The day was ended with fish and chips, sat on the harbour wall watching the world go by but always with an eye on the sky.......

....and the ever present menacing seagulls, ready to swoop!

Wednesday and it was time to head home. Mum and dad were probably relieved to see us go, as poor mum had fallen on the Sunday evening we arrived, fractured her arm and was in casualty when we got down there. 6 weeks, arm in a sling now follow. We popped in to see my Granny before we headed home and had a sort of cream tea, pastries type thing. She'll be 95 at the end of the month and due to timings no cake on this visit, we'll get to celebrate a day or two after the big day. 

We got home in time to watch the football. 
Sadly it wasn't to be but the dream lives on now for 2022, or so I'm told!

So a lovely few days in Cornwall, brilliant weather and lots of vitamin-sea! I still have a few more days off work, Sophie has her Summer Ball tomorrow evening. I'm then back at work Monday through to Thursday, before we enjoy a few more days by the sea, a slightly warmer sea, one I might even swim in!! It might seem a little sad but the thing that excites me the most about going on holiday though, is not cooking, not having to think about meals, not thinking about what to have, no cooking or meal planning for a whole week - that to me is the perfect holiday!

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