Saturday, 8 December 2018

Dripping in a little christmas!

With Sophie away until the 15th and under strict instructions not to do the tree until her return, I'm dripping in little bits of Christmas here and there, until she's back. So I put up my new star garland on the fireplace....

 ...and tried out some new lights in the sitting room. Having faffed about untangling them, I decided that they might as well stay up!

The Christmas bedding is on and .... work we are Christmas jumper ready!!

I'm writing copious lists to try and best spend my time over the next week. I want to be done by the time Sophie comes home on Saturday, so we can spend time doing things together.
I've a lot to tick off.

Sam still exists, never wants to be photographed. Bribed him with a burger to come out with me and then allow me to take this pic! He still has 2 weeks left at school, Jeff broke up on Friday but I'm still gonna be working up until Christmas Eve.

As you know, I shared this with you last week, I've done a little Christmas Advent Countdown for Sophie, counting down the days until she comes home. So she doesn't miss out on the normal Christmas build up at home, she's been opening a gift a day, a little reminder of our Christmas at home. 8 days down, just 7 days left

Days 1-4

Days 5-8

The weather is mixed, still pretty mild. I don't really give it too much attention at the moment, particularly when I'm working. We were however treated to this stunning sky the other morning and..

... this view of the Tor.

I will never grow tired of this ever changing view.

So a busy week ahead but by this time next week Sophie will be home, the tree will be in the throes of being decorated and all my side of the family will be arriving for lunch on the Sunday. As I said, a busy week ahead of work, cleaning, present wrapping etc.

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