Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Pre Christmas gathering

As the years have gone by, we seem to have parted from spending Christmas together with either side of the family, spending actual Christmas just the four of us. My Granny can't travel and stay over, so we now tend to meet for lunch with my side of the family a week or two before Christmas. Likewise, with Jeff's side of the family, although local, we tend to only gather together for a meal or drinks, as the families grow and extend and are busy.

This year on Saturday 22nd we went over to Jeff's sister and met up with all the family.
It's always lovely to see all the cousins gathered together, missing Ben, who was still up in Leeds, working. Jeff was being quiz master in the above pic and below...... 

.......a captive audience!

It was only a few hours but always lovely to have everyone together.

A chance to dress up too!

And make my children have a photo taken with me!

Some more willing than others!

Merry Christmas from us all x

I was in charge of taking puds!!

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