Monday, 17 December 2018

It's a wrap!

Well nearly!

Last week I spent a whole day just wrapping presents. I wanted to get Sophie and Sam's wrapped whilst she was still away and he was at school. Jeff went to his spinning class, so I got him done too. I also got all my side of the family wrapped and ready, for when they came to visit this weekend.

Love this paper from Waitrose this year, with the holly from Sainsbury's.

This paper was from good old BHS 3 years ago now, before it closed. They always used to have a good selection of wrapping paper, alas it is no more

I am quite traditional, in that I really like red and green, with a little silver, sparkly thrown in. Can be stars, spots, stripes, patterned but always a mix, finished off with plenty of ribbons and tags and little extras. My mother-in-law always used to wrap the best presents, although she always made the tag out of the wrapping paper, so it was always really hard to find.

Both the kids this year want money but I always like them to have something to open under the tree. I have really tried to buy stuff they want and will use, rather than a novelty thing for Christmas that inevitably doesn't even make it out of the packaging. 

I still have Jeff's side of the family to wrap before we see them next weekend but I'm otherwise done.
I'm still working this week, my Monday to Thursday week. The main Christmas food shop will have to be done on Saturday, as working the day before and Christmas Eve until 6pm this year. Then I do have Boxing Day off and the day after but back in on the Friday and then working all of New Year.
I'm hoping everyone will be in a happy mood, as it's Christmas !!!!!! X

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