Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Nearly Christmas x

So with Sophie home, we've been lighting lots of candles,

watching all the christmas favourites,

and eating all the chocolate!
It's been wonderful!

The christmas food shop was done early doors Saturday morning.

what we've not got now, we'll do without!

The house is clean and tidy

and we're ready for Christmas!

Small matter of working all day Sunday and Christmas Eve,
 best summed up in one word 'relentless' !!!!

I was lucky to finish at 3pm, although I started at 7am!
Came home, candles lit, nice easy tea.

The boys spent the afternoon swimming, a session at Portishead outdoor lido!! 
Sophie decided to give it a miss, stayed at home and baked, think I'd have stayed at home too! 

We spent the evening together, watching Four Weddings and a Funeral, still funny today and was a perfect family viewing choice. We made it a 'thing' to watch a film together on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, now it's just the four of us. Will say it's tricky choosing something all four of us will enjoy but Four Weddings was a great choice. Watched in anticipation of the Comic relief sequel in 2019.

Sophie and I got the table ready for Christmas Day Breakfast (note Sam on his phone in the corner, watching from the comfort of the chair!!) No early wake up call expected, a very respectable 8:30 agreed, governed more by the timings of the turkey - how times have changed!

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