Saturday, 16 November 2019

Another year older....

Another year older...... the last of my forties!!

And keeping up with tradition, a celebratory mince pie. 
Always the first of the year, on my birthday, instead of cake, as know one makes me a cake and I try and put off starting to eat mince pies any earlier.

Not many gifts as you can see but I no longer want/need things! I'd rather spend our money on going places, live music, travelling together. That said Jeff did find the larger 'spotty bottle' we saw on holiday, that's us sorted now for Christmas and Sophie had obviously noted my liking for the bowl and platter I'd seen in Vinegar Hill, gifted both by her and Sam. My Mum and Dad sent flowers and money and Jeff's sister popped round with a bunch of flowers too, so thoroughly spoilt. My sister included a Lonely Planet guide to Florence in her gifts, so I can start planning our little adventure. 

As you can see our 'travel, go see things, live music, travel' is in full swing. We've already got tickets to see McFLY, supported by Scouting for Girls at the Bath Festival in May. Then my sister and I have our few days away in Florence. The boys are off to Glastonbury Festival, Sam to the whole thing, Jeff just on the Sunday. Our family holiday is booked, a week in sunny Pollensa to look forward to. Sophie and I are off to see Heathers when it tours in August and Jeff got tickets for us to see Deacon Blue on my actual 50th birthday in Plymouth, for November next year. Big birthdays next year - Sam's 18th, Sophie's 21st and my 50th, so a few potential trips away in the mix there too. 2020 is shaping up to be a good year, best get doing lots of overtime to pay for it all!!

It's all worth in though. Last Friday Jeff and I went to see OMD at the Bath Pavilion. They were celebrating their 40th Anniversary tour and they were brilliant, so much energy and track after track of nostalgia and brilliance, worth every penny x

Growing old with this one isn't so bad xx
We've lots to look forward to x

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