Saturday, 30 November 2019

Christmas market sandwich!

Well I've been lucky enough to sandwich this week with visits to two lovely Christmas markets. The first, last weekend, with my sister in Exeter. Unfortunately it rained but it was lovely spending some quality time together, just the two of us.

I actually got my Christmas cards written. Had a rare day off in the week with nothing planned, so settled down, plenty of coffee on tap and got them written.

Then yesterday (Friday) I was up and out early to go to the Christmas Markets in Bath. I don't think I went last year, so it was nice this year to visit again, plus they were laid out across the city, so much more appealing. Although I will say, despite my very early start, they were super busy from the go!

This was my fave shed, treated myself to a few of the small metal stars in the front of the pic. Picked up my pud too from another stall. I had one two years ago and it was delicious.

I spent the morning mooching on my own, then met up with Sophie who got the train from Reading, a very lovely addition to my day and she managed to catch an earlier train too x

All the shops were looking super festive (Anthropology)

Heaps of tempting festive treats about....

...I was good and went for the decorative variety.

Christmas tunes on street corners to enjoy!

But look at the crowds!!! This is a pic from the Internet from today, 
absolutely heaving!!!

In the evening we met up with my sister and niece for tea, possibly the only chance now to get together before actual Christmas.

A chance to celebrate Sophie's recent Job news too x

The tree by the Abbey looked wonderful, we said our goodbyes then....

.... Sophie and I headed off to the bottom of town for the real reason we were meeting up to see 
Love Actually with a live orchestra at the Forum in Bath. 
It was fantastic, goosebumps in the first five minutes. The perfect way to end a lovely day and start off the Christmas festivities.

I waited until this morning to take stock of what I'd bought. Had a bonus treat of having Sophie at home until I dropped her back at the station late afternoon, to head back to Reading. She's only 2 weeks left before she's home properly for Christmas, can't wait x

A truly lovely weekend x

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so jealous about the mince pies ;), can't find any fresh here(Switzerland), and it reminds me of my year living in London many years ago, so fond memories :)
Have a nice day over there and enjoy the English Advent.