Thursday, 21 November 2019

Time to come clean....

Time to come clean......

....I didn't spend my birthday doing anything lovely.
 I spent my birthday driving up to Newport in the pouring rain....

....sitting in bay 4 of a car park, for 2 hours.....

....whilst this one had an interview..... the Office of National Statistics.

Basically since September, Sophie has been applying for Placement Year jobs, in preparation for a Year in Industry in her third year. Her dream placement was to apply to the GES (Government Economic Service) and be placed at the ONS (Office of National Statistics) Firstly it's really hard to get through the application process and secondly to go through to the interview stage. So just by getting through the door was a huge achievement, as they place you where they think you best fit. Her friend had an interview at the Foreign Office, as she's doing a BA Economics degree. 

Then on Wednesday she had an interview with the Bank of England, again wow! what an achievement to get an interview and get inside the building!!! Just to get that far, she'd had to apply, get through to psychometric testing, then do a video interview, followed by the offer of a physical interview after completing a 90 min maths test.

I wrote this blog post 2 years ago, when we went to London on her 18th birthday. Dreams really can come true. Now she won't hear from the Bank of England for 3 weeks, as she was in the first round of interviews and they interview 100 students for 25 jobs but that is now irrelevant as.....

....she got offered a job at the ONS today!!!!!!

Soooooo very proud.
She has worked really hard juggling her Year 2 studies, whilst applying for placement positions. We are so proud and happy for her. We chose Reading University for the Placement Year opportunities and the invaluable support they give the students and I can't thank them enough for all the advice, mock interviews, CV critique, tips etc they have given her. This Placement Year will give her so many opportunities and invaluable experiences to help her get a job once she completes her degree. 

What a day!

And her friend got offered the job at the Foreign Office too!
I hope they'll both be out celebrating together tonight, they deserve it x

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