Monday, 13 July 2020

WEEK 16!

Am a day or two late posting, sorry, as I had a busy weekend. In fact it's sort of been a busy week. The week we should have been flying out to Majorca but the less said about that the better!!!

I spent the first day of my 'holiday' working on a mural I've been asked to do for work. It's one of those projects you know will consume so much time and won't be recognised in terms of actual pay or time off in lieu. Still, me being me, I can't do anything by half measures, so I'll just get on with it to the best of my ability.

It's also been the week to finally tackle my hair!!!
It has never been so long! It's not been coloured since January and I went a whole 138 days without a proper cut. Yes Jeff and I did a couple of very necessary shaves in between but.....'s nice to feel like me again!

I've had a little more time to read. Eight books completed during lockdown and 'Three days in Florence' is next up, a book to lift my spirits and dream of sunnier times x

Jeff has been busy tackling the front drive, in an attempt to improve the look of the front of the house. Sam is desperate for cash as his summer job is not happening, so has been doing odd jobs to earn his keep. I have a long list ready and waiting!!

Sophie and I ventured out on Saturday to Bath and enjoyed a socially distanced picnic with my sister and niece and it was lovely, a much needed catch up

 Bath got quite busy and in all honesty didn't feel the safest place to be by the end. I would go back but in and out early, mid week, do what I needed to do then home. It wasn't Bath and the shops, they had everything in place, it was individuals who got too close. I did find many wearing masks didn't feel they then needed to keep their distance!!! I guess we do just have to get on with it all but .....

On Sunday Jeff and I were up and out early. With one nice day forecast, we thought we'd make the most of it and go and head to the sea! If it got busy we'd just turn around and come home. We went to Burton Bradstock, an hours drive from home. We got there early, found a good spot and ....

...Jeff took his first dip of the year in the sea!
It was definitely not Mediterranean temperatures but he enjoyed it. I just paddled!
It did get busy but there was plenty of space and everyone socially distanced and we headed home mid afternoon. It was just lovely to see the sea, soak up the warm sunshine and just soak up the atmosphere of a different place. The forecast isn't great for the week ahead but we hope to get in another day trip 'somewhere' just to make the most of my 'holiday'. I'm going in to work my shift tonight, then have another burst of 5 days off to enjoy. Have a good week x

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