Saturday, 25 July 2020

Week 18!

The weeks are flying by despite there being a monotony to them.

If it's sunny and I'm able to sit outside on my days off, I have, accompanied
 with my book and a coffee

I'm actually quite proud of how much I've read during Lockdown. I usually feel it's wasted time in normal everyday life, I never make time to read, I always feel I should be doing something else but when we had the good weather and without the numerous other distractions and general busyness, I haven't felt so guilty spending time just sat, reading!

I did manage to find a time this week, a time when we could both free up an hour, to meet up with my lovely friend for a coffee. It was so nice to have a proper catch up rather than the odd text but we still socially distanced, sitting out in her garden. 

When the sun has not been shining, I have been at my computer researching our Summer holiday for next year. In a previous post, I shared the accommodation I'd booked in Kassiopi but we're going to stay in Corfu Old Town for a few days to begin with, as we've never been. It worked out slightly cheaper to fly out a day earlier than planned, so we'll have 4 nights there. Plenty of time to explore and possibly a day trip or two from there too, as it'll be so generously placed on public transport routes. We went for a coastal location, rather than somewhere in the busy town, as it'll be super hot and everywhere is so easily walk-able. We found this gem of a property on Airbnb, right by the sea - air-con, WiFi, full cancellation policy in place, just in case we have a repeat of this year. It's just good to have something to look forward to, lifts my mood completely.

Particularly when closer to home, this is now going to be the new normal!! It is now mandatory when out shopping, to wear a face covering. Shop workers do not have to but Sainsbury's company policy dictates we do. So, with an 8, 7 and 2x 4 hour shifts every week, I've opted to wear a visor. We have 2 deaf colleagues who depend on lip reading, plus I find with a mask, I just get so hot. Well I did my first shift this morning and it was okay. Yes it was odd. Yes, it got hot along the foam edge. Yes I'd rather not have to wear one but it's a case of just getting on with it, our ever changing new 'normal'!!

I have a couple of days off booked in for next week. I had hoped to go and visit my Granny on her actual birthday but the weather forecast isn't great. It needs to be dry to have a socially distanced celebration in her garden. No end of refreshing the weather app is going to make a difference sadly but I'm hopeful we'll get one dry day to visit. 

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