Saturday, 18 July 2020

Week 17!

So week 17 has been and gone! Majorca, or what would have been a week in Majorca, is now a distant memory! The weathers not been great! Usually when we go on holiday, they have a fantastic week of weather whilst we're away. Was hoping this might still have been the case but no..... I have been in to work during my time off, to start on the wall mural my boss asked me to do. I've gone from her initial sketch, to drawing it out to scale on paper, to drawing it up on to the wall and I've started to paint it in but will show you once it's done!

The garden has loved the weather, everything's looking lovely.

Ans when the sun has made an appearance, I've been out reading my book.

My sister and I have re-booked our Florence 50th birthday trip!
As soon as the flights came up we booked, nearly half the price from last year and we've opted in for an extra day, so we can squeeze a little more in. I can not wait! We're staying in Pisa, close to the train station, so we can easily visit Sienna, Lucca, Florence and see some of Pisa too.

And finally, the biggest excitement of the week, Sophie has bought and paid for her first car! She will need one for her Placement Year to get to and from work, when/if she gets to work from the office and I'm sure she'll need to go to Cardiff every now and again, even if she ends up working from home. She'd money saved from working last Summer and she's obviously not spent her student loan this final term, due to having to come home, so she was able to pay for it in full, tax and insure it all herself. There's nothing quite like your first car xx

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