Saturday, 5 February 2022

AWARD Winner!!

So my week started off as normal, work on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 
only was asked to attend a meeting on Monday with my Manager in Bristol.........

........all a bit vague but assumed it was to do with my role as the Great Place to Work colleague. 

Anyway.....I only went and won an Award!!! 

For my positive contribution to our store, making it a better place for colleagues and customers and for all the extra bits I do, which didn't go unnoticed!! Wow!! totally surprised but thankful to my colleagues and managers for nominating me x

Still on cloud nine from the previous day, we welcomed in the month of February.
I don't really like January, find it a slog, a hard month to get through but it actually wasn't so bad. 
Let's hope February springs along in the same way.

I went out walking on Wednesday, a 4 mile mile circular route over by Burrows Mump. I've been up to the top of the Mump once with Sam but never walked around it and it was a good walk.

Right place, right time!

On Thursday I walked with my friend Lynn and again, we did a walk I'd not done before, a 4 mile walk around the back of Glastonbury Tor. I look out at the Tor every single day but rarely go up it, so we parked up at Middlewick farm and explored.

Views from the top.

My last tile sample has arrived for the hallway and I think it may be the one!

Friday, was a stay at home day. I got all the bedding washed and out on the line to dry, did all the house jobs that needed doing, met with a friend for coffee. A much needed low key day.

Then today, after a slow, lazy start, I did make myself go out for a walk, 
when I realised I won't get out again until next Thursday.

Spotted on my walk, a beautiful bank of crocuses.....



....bleating lambs.

And my favourite tree!

So it's back to work tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday and an extra shift on Wednesday, as it's Plinth change. Then Sophie comes home on Friday for Reading Week. Really? Where are the weeks going? I know I've only just 'pinched and punched' and welcomed in the month of February but blink, and it will be March! I have two days off, only working the Monday that week, as it's also Jeff's half term. Have a couple of things penciled in but the majority will have to be decided nearer the time, dependent on the weather.

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