Saturday, 26 February 2022

DAY 13 - NEGATIVE finally!

What a looooong week!!
It's taken until today, day 13 to see a negative test result!
I still feel a bit congested/coldy but am definitely on the mend!

As you know Sam tested positive same day as me but was negative quickly, so wasn't having to isolate for so long. Poor Sophie tested positive on Sunday but she too tested negative quite quickly so was free, unlike their mother!!! It's felt a real slog! Great timing in a way as the weather has been awful and ....

....the tiler was still willing to come and start work on the hall.

Bless him, he's nearly 80 but has rocked up every morning at 8am, been supplied with copious cups of tea and sung away to himself in a very well ventilated space (blumin freezing) with the front door wide open!!

And he's made excellent progress. 

It's quite a bold choice and as you know, I've spent hours deliberating on my tile choice but I'm really happy with it. Will look better once the stair carpet comes up and we decide what to do with it, leave natural, paint, have a runner??? still lots of work to do and decisions to be made.

He's got to come back on Monday and finish the loo and bit by the kitchen door and then once grouted he'll be done and it'll be up to me to get decorating!

Obviously with the tiler here and me having Covid, I've had to keep my distance. Finally on Friday, day 12, I left him for an hour and went out for a much needed walk around the block. I'd not been out for 13 days!!! Such a small thing to do but it felt so good to get some fresh air and exercise.

The weather over the past two days has been sunny and dry, much needed. 
I've swapped everything around on the dresser, brought in some sunshiny yellow. Easter isn't for another 7 weeks, it's really late this year, so although I use these to decorate for Easter, an early arrival is most welcome.

What isn't welcome, is the war in Ukraine. The news is frightening and my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine who find themselves in this terrible, needless war and to those Russian people who do not want war. It must be the most frightening of times and is so hard to watch feeling so helpless. 

Anyway I'm off for a quick walk. It's back to work for me on Sunday (tomorrow) and it's plinth change, so I'm in for the next 4 days, back with a bump after 2 weeks off but then from next week, I start my new hours and will have most Tuesday's free. More time to paint the hallway!! 


little homebird said...

Just caught up with your last few blog posts as always forget to pop by here with seeing your posts on insta! The hallway looks so nice and as you say a bold choice but it's very much 'you'! Have you cut down your hours now at Sainsburys? Take care
Ali (@homebird_makes)

dots and spots said...

I have cut down my hours at Sainsbury's. It's the start of the new financial year tomorrow and I'm now only contracted to work Sunday and Monday 15 hours. But I will work every third Tuesday and Wednesday to help with the plinth/offer change, ripping up and putting out the new price tickets. There were always lots of people in on a Tuesday, so I thought I'd be missed less, plus we are encouraged to work a weekend and a late, which I do on my two days!! @little homebird