Sunday, 13 February 2022

Half term top up!

The rarest of Sundays off and it's cold, grey, miserable and peeing it down outside. 
So no long walk, just a slow day at home, doing nothing specific!

I worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and an extra shift on Wednesday.  
Worth being in early to witness this fabulous sunrise.

Took myself off to the woods on Thursday, for some much needed fresh air, peace and calm.

Spotted more fabulous Scarlet Elf Cups.

Friday was Pay Day! and I treated myself to a couple of new cushions to brighten up a few corners. We now get a 15% discount for 5 days, every pay day, so worth taking advantage of it. I'd 'spotted' them earlier on in the week, so went with the notion ' if they're meant to be, they'll still be there on Friday!!' and they were!

Got back and met up with the tiler to check our sample was okay, had an early lunch then just a couple of free hours before Di came over to cut our hair. So I just went over to Ham Wall for a couple of hours of peace, time to walk, think, just soak up the calm surroundings.

Met the friendliest of robins whilst out. Pretty sure he'd of eaten from my hand, had I had any food. He stuck around for ages, so was able to get some good shots....

...possibly the best of the bunch!

So Friday night Sophie came home for a few days, her Reading Week. 

We headed off to Bristol early Saturday morning. 
A bit of shopping, a lovely lunch at The Stable and tickets to see Waitress!

FINALLY!!! we got to see Waitress! 
Booked these tickets on 21st of February 2020, just before Covid was a 'thing'!! 
Rescheduled for 13th March '21, then the 3rd July '21 and finally February '22, third time lucky!!
 It was worth the wait, fabulous show and Matt Willis as Dr Pomatter didn't disappoint!

Had a couple of my photos shared over the weekend by BBCWest and igerssomersetuk, always nice to get a little recognition, as there are 1000's of wonderful photo's shared every single day!!

So, today is Sunday. Normally I'd be out of the house by 8am with a full 8hr shift ahead of me. Have the rarest of Sundays off and the weather is awful, so it's a day at home doing nothing. Enjoyed a treat breakfast of leftover panettone, been waiting for Sophie to be home to cut into it. 

So whilst Sophie and I were out enjoying ourselves yesterday in Bristol, Jeff was hard at work at home, lifting up the old carpet in the hallway. The tiler has availability, so we're ordering the tiles today, clearing the space and hopefully in the next few weeks, will have a beautifully tiled hallway! No excuses then for me to get on with the rest of it!!

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