Saturday, 23 April 2022

Bluebells, cows!! and Uni trips!

A busy week!
Jeff took Sophie back to Reading on Bank Holiday Monday.
Her final term!

I took delivery on Tuesday, of my new shoe storage unit for the hall.
Much better than the Ikea bookcase that was there before.

On Wednesday Jeff and I headed out for a walk. I took him over to Burrows Mump, 
a walk I've done a couple of times before, no problems.....

....only this time we were chased through a field by a herd of cows. 
Got to the gate relieved, only to be met by another field of cows the other side. 
It was frightening, not sure what I'd of done if Jeff hadn't been there! 
Trying to stay calm when you're absolutely petrified!!

I worked my Easter Sunday hours on Thursday, an early 7am start! You get the choice, as the store is closed on Easter Sunday, to either take holiday or work the hours at another time, so I did an 8hr shift on Thursday. Only positive to an early start, is the ever changing view of the Tor.

So Friday was the only day we were all off together, so we headed out for a walk in the afternoon, led by Sam to some bluebell woods the far side of Wells.

I thought I'd missed out on seeing them this year but caught them perfectly.

Simple, elegant, beautiful.

The photo's simply don't do the magnificent display justice...

....bluebells as far as the eye could see.

So Sam is doing his last shift at work today, might of just paid off his overdraft this holiday! Jeff takes him back to Cardiff tomorrow as I'm working. Can't believe his first year is nearly over. He's decided to switch course in September, so will actually start over again!! Will need to knuckle down and do so actual work next year, he's certainly made the most of the social side of student life this year. 
He and Sophie are so completely different, she's the model student, he's the model socialite!!
Must say I am looking forward to them both being up in Cardiff next year, an excuse to visit x

I have a busy 5 weeks ahead of me before I head off to Florence with my sister to belatedly celebrate our 50th birthdays and revisit the wonderful Florence from our inter-railing days. I have a few theatre tickets booked (going solo) to see Chicago and Singing in the Rain and a trip to London to meet up with Sophie and tickets to see Frozen. An evening out with my sister to see Corrine Bailey Rae and a re-scheduled night out in Bristol to see The Killers. Throw in work, hair appointments, dentist, walks etc and it's a busy few weeks. Not much painting will get done for sure!! Still it's good to keep busy and lets hope the sunshine decides to make a prolonged visit, definitely no painting if it does.

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