Monday, 18 April 2022


Back from a fantastic five days in Naples, a busy, chaotic, assault on your senses.
We were lucky, we had the best weather, warm, sunny but not too hot, leaving a rainy UK behind.

Our apartment was a fabulous Airbnb find, located on the fourth floor of this impressive old building, in the Centro Storico area. All clean and tidy, views, even a small shared roof terrace and less than a 10 min walk to the train station. Just what you need for a city adventure. 


We walked miles 20,000+ steps easily! We spent our first day getting our bearings, getting a feel for the city. Finding the ferry for our island trip, working out where the funicular runs from etc Just taking in the fast paced, crazy driving, horn honking city that is Naples.

A well deserved Peroni!!


Day two and a fab trek up Mount Vesuvius. Got the Circumversuviana train to Ercolano, then the Versuvius Express and a nail biting, winding drive up to the bottom of the crater. 
Then a 30 minute climb to the top. 

The most incredible views of Naples, surrounding islands and over to Sorrento and Capri. 

And of course, incredible views down into the crater itself.

The climb down was quite slippy on the loose volcanic rock 
and I had the dustiest, messy shoes!!

Another well deserved beer and our first pizza of the trip.


On our third day we took a  trip to the colourful island of Procida. 

We caught the ferry, takes about an hour, have 4 hours to explore! €25 return. 
You could choose to spend longer but it was enough.

The beautiful, colourful Island of Prodica.

Prodica has been voted as the Capital of Culture for 2022, so there was probably a lot of additional, colourful art exhibits on the island to normal.

More fantastic Italian cuisine.


Day four and we stayed in Naples but head up to the highest point, via the Funicular, looking out over the city from Certosa di san martino, a former Monastery, now museum and gardens. Lovely and quiet, fantastic views all around

The view across the city of Naples, the bay and Mount Vesuvius.

We zig-zagged our way down from the Certosa di san martino,
 down into the heart of Naples and the.......

....Quarter Spangoli, the Spanish Quarters and had lunch. 

Then got the Metro at Toledo to see this fantastic station and headed to the coast for the afternoon.
We walked miles and miles and just grabbed some Street Food before heading back to the apartment to recover. My poor feet!!!


Our last day and we headed down into the Underground City today! 
La Neapolis Sotterrata

Really interesting hour spent 40m down, exploring the Underground City - La Neapolis Sotterrata. 
Had an English tour, really informative but think we were the only English there!! 

Fascinating and worth a visit, squeezing by torchlight through the underground tunnels.

Last pizza, didn't disappoint!!

We enjoyed the best coffee and cake!!

And the best pasta and pizza and Italian food.

We soaked up all things Napoli!!
The buckets being lifted up to the higher floors, the mad crazy ' no rules' horn beeping traffic, The washing hung everywhere, the narrow cool streets, the graffiti...... I said before, a complete assault of the senses.

Napoli, you were everything and more. Have come home for a rest but would return in a heartbeat. Next trip, move down the coast to Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Ravelo, Capri - a whole other adventure xx

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