Saturday, 9 April 2022

This week has flown by!

How is it already a week ago that I was in Cardiff collecting the boy? 
This week has flown by, having worked for four days.
Loads of people are off work, with Covid and other illnesses, so it seems a little sparse!

I was glad to have my day off on Thursday and walked with Lynn. 
It stayed dry but the wind was bitterly cold again on the homeward stretch.

Yesterday (Friday) was a catch up day. I did a big food shop first thing, then started to get organised for Naples, as departure day is getting closer. Sophie has offered to take us a 'silly o'clock'. There's been lots in the news about chaos at the airports and missed flights, due to staff shortages, so we're making sure we have plenty of time to get through security etc.

The big dilemma is what to wear!?! I think layering is going to be key, cover all bases. The forecast is promising, showing sunshine and 18-20 degrees, so hopefully we'll be okay.

We had sunshine here today but in the shade it's cold! So we went out and tackled the annual hedge trim and did some other gardening jobs, just to be outside. It warmed up enough to sit out in the garden for lunch and a couple of hours in the afternoon. I'm working tomorrow and have changed to an early shift on Monday, as I'd of otherwise been working until 10pm the day before our 6am flight! Although I've been scheduled in for a 6:30 am start!!! so no lie in for me for the next 3 days!

What I have done though, is book up some trips ready for next year! Because I have to book my holiday on a rolling year, I have to be ready and have some sort of idea of dates for 2023 as they come around this year. So we've booked Rhodes for Easter, Soller in Majorca for a family holiday in a villa with a pool and then a little break away to Kalami, on the island of Corfu for just Jeff and I. One, because we loved it so much last year. Two, because it's only £650 for 10 nights and three, I can book it using just two days holiday, so why not xx Always good to have something to look forward to, best get working!!

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