Friday, 24 September 2010

All the fun of the fair!

So the fun fair is in town again. It comes twice a year and for us it's a noisy arrival as we live directly opposite the field where it sets up home!

It also means that the children beg us continually, until we cave in, to go every year - which starts to become a costly affair!

So this year was no different - the minute I stepped through the front door, home from a busy day at work, I received the begging pleas to go to the fair!

It's quite traditional, the usual side shows offering a vast display of colourful stuff we don't need!

And of course plenty of rides which we bargained the children down to 3 each! The dodgems being a firm favourite for the 'whole' family - boys against girls!

And the inevitable food stands full of burgers, chips and candy floss!

So an hour at the fair, £15.00+ worse off and that's it for another year! Except the noise, flashing lights, car parking chaos and diesel fumes for the next few days!



All things nice... said...

It's years since I was at the fun fair! My parents have a holiday home at the seaside and there is a fun fair there all summer with the usual bumping cars, tea cups and music. Kids just love them- you could of brought them on one thing every evening either but you probably wanted to get them all over and done with :)

All things nice...

winnibriggs said...

Hi Becky
I know what you mean. We have the same thing twice a year, in fact our Autumn one is next week. Like you we live just across the road from where it is sited, although ours is in the town itself. Luckily my little girl can take herself...and whats more pay!! She will no doubt be taking her little soldier for at least one visit.
I on the other hand will be closing the curtains and turning the tele up!

hello gorgeous said...

don't they look just so inviting tho'.......all that colour and lights....

why don't you get a "funfair pot" and pop all your twenty pences in it that way by the time it comes around again you will have more money than you can shake a cnady floss at! ;o)

what time does it close down at night....must be hectic when watching a drama on the tv??


hello gorgeous xxx

Killiecrankie Farm said...

So hard to say no - they look like they are having a great time !
Our local fair is next month, we won't go as it is now nearly only fun rides and has lost all of the animal and farm exhibits that make them special here in Oz.