Thursday, 16 September 2010

Never a dull moment!!

I have now been at the all new dots and spots HQ for a couple of weeks and despite no time to add my mark yet with pictures, bunting etc it is beginning to feel like mine and lived in!
Card boxes are beginning to empty and are left in a used state!

Little collections of bits and pieces adorn corners of tables - all being used of course!

Half finished projects sit waiting for a quiet moment to get finished. I'm afraid they are in for a long wait as my days are taken over by packing orders rather than making up and organising stock.

My once beautifully stacked tape shelves which were just waiting for my tape delivery to arrive.....

...are now looking depleted and very sad and empty. The delivery did arrive but hasn't made it as far as the lovely white shelves.

Instead all the tape is still in it's boxes waiting to be checked, tidied and info strip added. I am hoping this might happen next week when my friend comes over to give me a hand. I really thought that I would have had the time but sadly it's not happened because....

..... I've been packing up all these orders!

Today however I was interrupted by the fire alarm. When I looked around originally the owner told me that the fire alarms often went off but was nothing to worry about as they were either checks or a false alarm but always leave the building as a precaution.
So imagine my horror when I left my room because of the alarm, to enter a corridor of thick, black, fume filled smoke. I ran down the corridor to my nearest exit thinking 'Oh my God - what if everything goes up in smoke'. It wasn't until I got outside that I saw what had happened.
The guy opposite me had lit some wax to warm it up but in the process had caught the whole tin alight. Instead of putting a fire blanket over it or using a fire extinguisher, he had decided to run the length of the corridor with the burning tin, slopping hot wax along the floors as he went and filling the building with heavy black, smelly fume laden smoke.

It was soon put out and all the relevant people called - very good of them to check I was okay but on entering my room it was evident that black soot was beginning to lie on my clean, white surfaces nearest to the door. It could have been a whole lot worse and I'm so glad the building is so well prepared for such eventualities. I got to meet some of the other unit holders and now know my neighbour very well!!!!
Looks like he's got a long night ahead of him - trying to clean all the wax off the floors!


SparkleSmith said...

eek, what a fright you must have got. Glad it wasn't serious. Your new home is looking good :)

softearthart said...

Wonderful goodies, flying out the door, my glad you were safe,a nasty fright. Take care, cheers Marie

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Silly fellow - he won't do that again in a hurry ... hopefully!

Glad there's not too much damage to your unit but a shock nevertheless.

Hope all goes well after the weekend and all the backlog is caught up with.


*pur-ple said...

Oh, what a shock, glad you're ok ( last thing you needed! )
Smoke, soot, dust, dirt, smells... some of my worst fears to cause damage to stock and work. So lucky it wasn't more serious. Now, isn't it brown paper and an iron to lift wax... could the "cleaner" iron the floor?!!!! : )

Moobaacluck said...

Good Grief Becky!! I missed this! Glad you were ok and that the smoke didn't damage anything. Funny what people do when they panic:/

Very impressed with your studio set up
the tapes look gorgeous but clearly they hardly make it out of the boxes before they are sent out again. I'm just amazed at how quickly you've built up your business. I think its from being sure what you want and going for it. X gabs