Saturday, 18 September 2010

Doing my Mummy job!

Today I intended on working on my personalised orders followed by an afternoon at dots and spots HQ packing orders. Well I haven't managed to do any of that, instead as my daughter put it 'I have been doing my Mummy job!' She has invited a new friend to 'come over' (not play!) next weekend and I'd promised to help make her bedroom more grown up, now she is a Year 6 and very nearly will turn 11. On the one hand she is enjoying her music, clothes, fashion etc but on the other hand she wants to freeze time and not grow up! ''I like the age I am'' So with a few tears and shared memories along the way, we have spent the most part of the day making her space more 'grown up!'
We have shuffled furniture around and filled at least 6 bin bags!

We have made her dressing table more prominent and have cleared her cube unit of baskets of dressing up clothes - which have been too small for a year or two now, but she couldn't bear to part with!

We have swapped pictures around - new ones to be added to the birthday list and have adorned her wardrobe with posters. The Saturdays seem to be the favourite!

Of course we have chosen the favourite cuddlies to keep.

But also made way for the ever increasing jars of nail varnish and lip balm, that are bought with the weekly pocket money.

Of course she has a number of spotty bits and pieces and is often raiding my studio for stuff - recognise the tape!

Spotty notebooks are plentiful and of course plenty of pink!
(must change the date on her calendar!)

The Sylvannian's have been hidden in a cupboard until we can decide what to do with them.

And the rest of the stuff... well it's gone into the space at the bottom of our bed! Having just cleared the space of dots and spots boxes, it is now filled with stuff in piles for school, charity shop and our 2 year old niece. Everything is so well looked after, that things both children have played with for the past 8-10 years will be on their way to a new home.
So one child sorted now child number 2!

I couldn't face tackling this mess today - that job has been booked in for next week.

Every surface is covered with stuff! and lots of it.

especially lego!


hello gorgeous said...

wow! what a change in direction you both felt a great sense of achievement afterwards!

There's nothing like a good tidy up/clear out!


hello gorgeous xxx

RandomlyGenerated said...

Don't throw out the Sylvanian Family stuff - I'm 28 and still have mine! Although technically it's stored at my parent's house :)


Looks great, a wonderful bedroom space. Kx

All things nice... said...

Oh I have memories of that too from when I was a kid. I went from toys to Enid Blyton books when I was about 10, so my mam let me advertise all my old barbie dolls and house, sold the lot and then bought tons of books with my money :) Very thrify I was!

All things nice...

Serenata said...

What a lovely room your daughter has. It looks really nice the changes you have made and very 'grown up'. Hope she has fun with her friend.

KC'sCourt! said...

What a pretty room.
Julie xxxxxx

Pixiedust said...

What a lovely room your daughter has, love all the dots and spots stuff she's nabbed. xxx

Jane said...

what a lovely room for a little (but growing) girl!

please don't throw out your sylvanian things, I still have mine and I'm 31 - they are almost ready to introduce to my niece!

The Flower Garden said...

I recognise the sentiment of wanting to stay at a certain age. My daughter felt the same. But time marches on. We had the sort out at 11 then again this summer at 16. Our attic is heaving I can't bare to part with their childhood yet...

Killiecrankie Farm said...

gorgeous bedrooms, they look so functional.
I think all parents need a special shed where their kids beloved toys can live and be revisited (like sylvanians). I'm a mum of three so I think it's going to have to be a big shed :)

Mãe da Rita said...

I just love what you did with your daughter's room!