Thursday, 2 September 2010

A whistle stop tour!

We have officially moved in, so I thought I'd give you a quick update on the premises, now everything has gone over from the house and various storage spaces we rented or borrowed.

My studio at home is full of all the little bits and pieces I have collected over the years, which either inspire me or just decorate my studio space. It's colourful and interesting and I would say sums me up! The premises or I guess now, dots and spots HQ is plain and function'able'. It has no real bits of me there yet, other than obviously all the stuff I make.

As you walk in through the door to the right is my packaging corner - full of flat pack boxes, tape etc. Not very beautiful to look at but a very necessary element of the business!

And to the left is my 'red tube' box tower - I had to buy a large quantity of tubes to make the sums add up and make the owl posters affordable, so now all together in a tall tower, there seems an awful lot of them! The owl posters themselves are stored in the drawers under a very large spare packing table.

As you then walk further into the room to the left is my super duper 'stock' storage. All the cards I receive from the printers are then packed into boxes of 300. Up until now these were dotted around the house or with various members of the family, so now they have a place of their own. It will make stock taking so much easier from now on.

To the right lining one long wall, are my new 'Billy' shelving which house all my greetings cards - 50 designs in total. This is now my dream pick and pack area and makes life sooooo much easier.

Around the corner is my main making up table - when it's clear (unlike in the picture) I can set up lots of packs of postcards, Christmas cards etc. It will be so much better than using the dining room table at home.

This little unit has had many uses in it's time - It was bought 11 years ago, from Ikea as my daughter's first toy cupboard, then it got moved into a bathroom as a towel storage when we moved house. For the last few years it was my maths resources cupboard at school, spending the last year in the storage unit. It now is home to all my stationery bits - tape, scissors, punches etc.

On the back wall is my tape storage - you would not believe how nice it is to have it all set out - makes it so much easier to pick and pack. At home it was all hidden away in the boxes and when ever you needed tape for an order you had to keep moving boxes to get to what you needed - this will now save so much time!

This set of 'Billy shelving houses all the postcards - in their boxes as received from the printers and in their packs once made up. This is one of the first jobs I have to do as in our house I had no where to keep stock and had to make packs up to order. It will be so good to just go to the cupboard and select what a customer has ordered!

The Christmas cards used to housed at the bottom of my wardrobe and got moved to a more prominent place once the months leading up to Christmas were upon us. Now packs can be made a long time in advance and again I can keep a better eye on my stock levels.

The final area, which I would say reflects the style and ambiance of my studio, is my little coffee area. I've still to buy a kettle and am managing with flasks, which I keep forgetting to take home but I need my coffee and a secret twix tin for emergencies!!

I spent my first full day over there today - working and it was fantastic. It will take a while to find where I've put everything and get into a natural rhythm whilst packing orders but it will work! I'm sure over time I will start to bring in little bits and pieces or pin things up on the walls which will make it feel more like me, more like home! But for now it's perfect and I get my house back - which will please everyone!

I still have my studio at home and a little stock to pack last minute, small website orders. I will still do all my designing there and make up the embellished prints and personalised washing line prints and cards. Fingers crossed it will all work out fine!


Miss Bee said...

Oh wow! It looks great!
Good luck and a lot of fun in your new space!Greetings from the Netherlands!

Helen Rose Glass said...

This looks fantastic! As a fellow teacher wanting to branch out more in the craft world you are inspirational.

Claire Hurd Design said...

It looks fabulous and so very organised! I hope you really enjoy working in your new space.

Claire x

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks fantastic - lucky you!


Luna said...

WOW!!! It looks fantastic! And I agree, it is inspirational! I would very much like one of my own please! x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Becky it all looks so organised and efficient. You've done amazing things in such a short time.

Just hurry up and get that kettle!!

Sue x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Becky it all looks so organised and efficient. You've done amazing things in such a short time.

Just hurry up and get that kettle!!

Sue x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh it is absolutely wonderful! You are so lucky, we've been looking for commercial premises for weeks but haven't found anything suitable but trying to find somewhere for my husband (who's an artist) & Vintage Amethyst stock/workspace is proving to be more difficult than we originally thought!
Your space is truly fab.

Just Original said...

I'm so jealous, how lucky are you.

Vanessa x

LissyLou said...

oh wow!! it all looks great xx

nickynackynoo said...

I'm so pleased for you. It all looks fantastic. Oh to have more space!

joy said...

well done, becky, you have all worked so hard and it looks fantastic.
onwards and upwards,
joy xx

sue15cat said...

This all looks brilliant, lots of hard work that has obviously paid off. I bet it will be a pleasure to go to work.

Sue xx

Annabelle said...

wow it looks huge!
Well done Becky, what a milestione! It looks super well organised and I'm sure it will be 'studiofied' in no time.
Your house must be empty now! :)

Vintage from the Village said...

It all looks lovely, have a great time in your space
Best wishes
Sue x
ps. every time I wrap a parcel with your tape it makes me smile !

daisy daydreams said...

Totally fab...x

Toddler Mum said...

Looks Fab! x

Red Ladybird said...

Becky you are an inspiration to us all. Your HQ is amazing, how I long to have storage....

Lots and lots of luck

Lizzie x

Belinda McCarthy Photography said...

It looks terrific! - you must have so much more room in your house now as well!