Sunday, 17 October 2010

And now the turn of the boys!

I started off the day posting a comment about how much I had to do - ''Lots to do today - orders to pack, a set of embellished prints to do, proofs for new packet tops to check, gift tags to punch and string and if time - designing the boys sticker set. Who needs a day off!!!''
Thankfully I did get to do the fun bit - designing my sticker set for boys!

I already really love them and have to say the shark is proving to be a family favourite.

I did a lot of research and have been advised all day by my 8 year old son!

So here they are - 15 different designs just for boys!

And a little reminder of the set just for girls!

They will go to the printers tomorrow and once proofs have been checked, into production. Packet tops still need to be designed but will hopefully be on sale in time for Christmas - the perfect stocking filler.

Some of you have been busy shopping already - have sold in excess of 100 individual rolls of tape this week - have put in another order - hope this one turns up!


made with love said...

Love them. It is always good to find great products for boys. I have two boys and a girlie at home and know that they would all be thrilled to receive your stickers.
Great that you are doing so well and still managing to come up with fab new products too.
Hope you have had a lovely weekend,
Rachael XX

Bella and the Moo said...

They look fab! I wish you'd been around when my two sons were little - they would have loved these!

Emma said...

Sharks are my favourite animal and you have dots and spots shark stickers! They're all great but the shark is my favourite!

gooseberrymoon said...

The stickers (both boys and girls) are lovely. I really don't know how you find the time to do all that you do. Keep up the good work, I love following your blog - you're an inspiration!

Clare said...

Ooh the shark is my favourite too...fab