Thursday, 7 October 2010

Couriers/ deliveries - love them, hate them!

I've had a real problem with couriers and deliveries this week. My time is so precious and I don't have 'time to waste' at the moment, so I get very frustrated waiting for things to arrive which are either late, delivered to the wrong place or not delivered at all!

I rely on my courier to take my orders off my hands and deliver them all over the country. I used to take them to the post office daily, but now there are so many of them and they are increasingly heavy, we have a courier that comes to the house and picks them up. My usual courier is fantastic, as regular as clock work - always arrives between 9.30 - 10.00am. So why, this week when I have so much to do, did the courier not arrive until nearly 1.00pm? - nearly 4 hours late. It turned out to be an agency guy, as my regular courier was on holiday - that's fine, but nobody tells you and with a 'to do' list as long as my arm, my jobs had to be squeezed into 2 hours.

Tuesday I was expecting 2 BIG deliveries over at our premises. There are 2 ways into the building - the first, up a twisting flight of stairs and the second, around the back of the building where there is a purpose built loading bay where lorries can back up, empty their deliveries on my floor level and with the help of a trolley, I am able to unload them myself. SO I gave strict instructions when ordering, that once at the trading estate the delivery guy must phone my mobile for instructions to the back loading bay! I even paid extra for a morning delivery as I knew I was on school run duty later that day!

So 12.30 arrives and I ring to ask where my 20,000 red envelopes and 10,000 cello bags are - given they are very heavy and I'd asked for a morning delivery! To be told that they were delivered and signed for at 9.00am that morning! Well to cut a long story short, they had been delivered to exactly the place I didn't want them - at the bottom of the stairs. So 5 big, heavy boxes had to been taken around the back, by car, by me and very cross I was too!

So where now was my tape delivery - 30 boxes due to be delivered! Well I'm still waiting as it failed to arrive at all! I am currently at home waiting for it to arrive, so I can load it off the lorry into the car and deliver it myself over to the premises so it can't get lost! Whilst also waiting for the courier to arrive to collect my next batch of parcels. I have a whole host of orders to be put together which will now end up having to be done at the weekend again as I have wasted so much time this week waiting for things which are out of my control!

But I quess as the saying goes, 'who said running your own business was easy!'

It's now 11.30am - here is a lorry - promising!

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Aaaargh - go on, let it all out, you will feel a lot better! Thanks for reminding me why I don't run my own business!xx

daisy daydreams said...

Lets hope your normal courier hasnt gone on a long holiday - heres hoping things will get back to normal soon....x

pop-i-cok said...

Using DHL? There's your problem....they are useless!
Use UPS, more expensive but MUCH better :-)
Good luck xx

hello gorgeous said...

hmmmm....hate it when things don;t go to plan! Can you get a sign{s} put up on the premises that all {dots & spots} deliveries are to go around the back to the loading bay?

Might be worthwhile enquiring with the landlord of the building??


hello gorgeous xxx