Thursday, 7 October 2010

Delivery Arrival - part 2!

Well that lorry was for me! and with the road outside my house being really busy, within minutes we were causing chaos - so I persuaded the 'grumpy' lorry drive to turn around and follow me over to the premises (where I originally intended it to go!)

So I escorted him through the delightful town of Shepton Mallet, into the Anglo Trading Estate and directed him to my loading bay!

A lot of huffing and puffing and no doubt swearing under his breath, he was parked and ready to unload!

A full pallet on board, so with further fluttering of the eyelids, I managed to persuade him to take the pallet down the long corridor to my actual room......

....and that is where he left it!

In the middle of the doorway for me to unload.

On the one hand I was most grateful to not only finally receive it, but to actually get it as close as he did but I'm still a little cross at the amount of time and inconvenience one delivery can cause!

Moan over - but I know the way the tape is selling, that we will be doing this all over again by the end of the month!


Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

How exhausting! But that lorry driver should have been delighted to have more than one opportunity of seeing you flutter your eyelashes at him!!!!


pop-i-cok said...

Don't worry mrs, at the rate you're going you'll soon be able to have your own warehouse complete with warehouse manager and full despatch team...then you won't even have to get involved :-)
Love following your progress :-)

sue15cat said...

I love that he just plonked it diagonally in the doorway, still you got him to get it that far..... you must have mighty fine eyelashes to flutter!!

Sue xx

Tracy said...

Oh dear! I have always found delivery men with pallets to be the most uncooperative - and it amuses me how they always raise their eyebrows in surprise when you tell them you haven't got a forklift!!

Vintage from the Village said...

It'll be worth it if you could see how much pleasure your tape brings me !!
Made me laugh- at least its not in your house ey
Sue x