Sunday, 3 July 2011

Catalogue drop done!!!!

So, it's done - I knew it would take the best part of the day but all the catalogues are ready to go out to our trade customers, all the catalogues are now ready for the show and another pile ready for my agents.

It takes so long as we staple in the terms and conditions sheet, add a Harrogate Trade Show sticker, pop in an order form and sample sheet of our new wrapping paper.

I must confess that gone 10.30pm last night , I gave up adding the tape and dots and spots sticker - it was fine last year when I was sending out just over 100 catalogues but now it's over 500, time just got the better of me!

So another job ticked off the 'to do' list!

Just got to now pay for them to be posted and work out how to get this lot to the sorting office!!

Before I know it, January's catalogue drop will come round far too quickly!


Pene said...

Hi Becky What alot of catalogues!! Have to say big thank you again as received another package from you today, my gift tags to go with my paper AND two copies of your catalogue which I am now drooling over planning lots of buys!! Thanks again so so so much
Big Hugs
Pene x

liz mortimer said...

wow, everytime i read your blog i feel like its kick up the backside to to get cracking on mine - i havent even started designing it yet x