Friday, 1 July 2011

Catalogue Version 4

Late afternoon yesterday - my new catalogues arrived, very kindly delivered by St Andrews Press - all 1200 of them!! This is our 4th version, with each one increasing in pages as we add more new products and increasing in quantity. The catalogue only has a 6 month duration before the next one arrives and sad though it may sound, I'm already working on new products and pages before this one has even been sent out. This catalogue is here in preparation for our next trade show in Harrogate in July or should I say in 2 weeks time.

My Mum and Dad came up to visit last weekend and very kindly addressed and postage stamped the envelopes.

My weekend job is to do all the rest. Because we use the catalogue for both our trade and website customers we have to add additional things. Our trade customers get a terms and conditions sheet which is stapled onto the back cover.

Then we stick on a Trade Show sticker to highlight where we will be.

This time around we are including a sample of our gorgeous wrapping paper.

And of course an order form/price list which I folded last night.

All of this gets put into our fabulous new catalogue.

I then like to add a bit of our super sticky decorative tape.....

.....and finish it all off with a dots and spots sticker.

As you can imagine this all takes time and will take me the best part of the weekend to do the 500+ we need to send out.
My next job is to put together packs of new products for our agents and update the trade website - everything should be now on our website - wrap orders are already coming in!


The Krafty Cupcake said...

Wow! busy busy! Have fun with that!! Very exciting though. Sue x

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

I bet the people who get the catalogues are thrilled to bits to receive one! :) They are so sunny and cheerful x

P.S. I feel I should share what the Capcha thingy wants me to put in - it's asking me to spell dehandes - de hands, how apt!

Pene said...

Hi Becky
Thank you so much for my wrapping paper it was waiting for me when I got home from my craft fair last night!! It's even more beautiful in the "flesh" and I think I'll save it for special presents as it really is almost too nice to use.
Thanks again
Pene x

Karenza Paperie said...

Hi Can we be sent the latest catalogue please thanks :)