Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Slowly but surely, I feel I am getting there and with my new found help, I am doing better than I'd thought possible. I am still way off target but I can now see a way to the finishing post before the next round of work load kicks in. The piles of cards on the table are diminishing...... towers of boxes are appearing around the room!

Each tower signifies a completed design - 1044 packs per design!
2 designs done - 3 designs on the go and 1 left to start!!

Seeing them laid out in all there festive splendour makes me smile.

And then seeing them all packed up - yehhhh!
2 sets of place settings - 2088 packs are also complete!

But then lurking around the corner is my wall of tape.
It got delivered on Tuesday - 88 boxes - 4224 rolls of tape! eek!
Each roll needs to be checked and the paper info strip stapled on before they get boxed up, ready for dispatch early August.

Then finally there is all my show prep sat ready to be packed into the car on Friday!
We will be away for just short of a week. My parents are looking after the children and my two fantastic and willing workers will be carrying on in my absence.

I will then return from Harrogate (hopefully) with a lovely pile of orders - just to add the the workload and fun!!!!


Vintage from the Village said...

ooh lovely, I wish I could work for you ! Like the look of the Christmas Cuppa cards, and the tape as always
Good luck at Harrogate

The Pea Pod said...

Wow you've been working so hard...well done! You'll get there.

Good luck with the show x