Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sweet peas

Back in May I planted some sweet peas - I don't have a very good success rate...

but this year they actually grew!

Not that you'd know, as they have been hidden by the Mallow and the Buddleja.

I tend to pick them as I just love the scent - gorgeous!

This is the garden in May

and now in July - everything has grown mad due to all the rain and warm weather.

I love our little garden - been working too much in recent weeks to sit out and enjoy it this year but hopefully once the 'big' order goes out beginning of next week and we start to build up some much needed stock, then I can take a few days off.

We have decided to take a 'proper' holiday next year - the children are growing up so fast and we have never been abroad as a family so the diet starts today LOL and I better remember to get a new passport.


Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Your garden is gorgeous! x

KC'sCourt! said...

Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. I never had much luck with ,y sweet peas this year I had one flower!
Julie xxxxxxxx


The Sweet peas look wonderful, Kxx

Claire said...

Yay, for Sweetpeas, beautiful perfume one whiff can take me back to when I was ten. My mum would grow a hoouge trellis full of them. Yes, she had very green thumbs.

Your garden looks lovely, I'm not surprised it's taken off

Good luck with the diet, a word I must embrace shortly and enjoy planning the holiday.........

Claire :}

Claire said...

Beautiful Sweet Peas,mine are still growing because I planted them a little late grrrrrrrr

... said...

What a gorgeous little garden you have :) You defiantly should be out there enjoying it!

Have a lovely week :)