Thursday, 28 July 2011

Today is the day .......

..... we finish working our way through the 'tape mountain'.

My friend Rachel, her daughter Francesca and my printers daughter Ashley have all been helping me and deserve a medal.

Each roll has to be checked to make sure the inner core is clean and not ripped. If they are marked some can be rubbed out, then the ends have to be made neat and tidy (finding the end in some cases is a challenge in it's self!)

They then get a bar coded strip stapled on, get piled back into the box waiting for next week when we put all the orders together.

So we have just 2 types of tape to do and 1 set of Christmas cards left to pack and then hopefully by Monday we will be able to pack all the individual orders for the 30 stores in total and get them dispatched and out of the way!! I can't wait to de-clutter my space!

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