Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I forgot.....

to show you how my retro 1950's kitchen cabinet turned out.

It was back in may that I found this fabulous cupboard at the Giant Flea Market in Shepton Mallet. The man very kindly dropped it off at the house on his way home.

And there it sat for a good few weeks waiting for a little TLC. It was once I received an email about the photo shoot that I paid it a little attention. Not huge changes as I like the old, knocked about, lived with feel but the interior needed a freshen up!

I striped off the old sticky liner and gave it all a good wash down and a lick of paint

before lining it with some spotty oilcloth and painting the door interiors red to match.

I had to replace a couple of the handles as one was broken when I got it and another broke when the door fell open onto my head - ouch!

So now it sits in the corner of the dining room in a made to measure spot and I wouldn't be without it.



I love it, and if it ever wants a new home...... :-) Kxxx

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

My mum had one of these and I'll simply die with happiness if I ever get my hands on one. It looks amazeballs!

dosierosie said...

My Mum also had one of these in the same colour.
Gillx said...

That is beautiful!!!I would love one of those!!

GiddyStuff said...

I love those cabinets, I had a red and white one in my flat when I was a student. The pull-down was so useful as an extra work top.
Love the spots you've added inside x

Claire said...


ruth said...

I love these cabinets!

My grandmother used to have one in her kitchen, I was SO angry with my mum when I found out she had taken it to the tip while sorting out her things after she had passed away!

Enjoy your lovely unit, love what you have done to the inside.

Ruby and Bettys attic said...

Ohhhh Becky! I love her! She looks amazing...knew you would squeeze her in somewhere!
Now I have to get cracking on finishing mine!
Happy Anniversary lovely xx