Thursday, 4 August 2011

The 'BIG' order

The end is in sight - Hurray!

I have, since ............. well it seems like forever been going on about the 'big' order - well come Monday, it finally leaves dots and spots HQ and to be perfectly honest with you, I can't wait!

The past 2 days have been so incredibly busy and exhausting - actually packing all the individual made up elements, into their specific orders.

The cards and place settings have gone from piles of printed stock, to being laid out and packed, to being stacked into towers and finally into individual order boxes.

The tape has gone from a neat but foreboding tower, to being checked, neatened and prepared for packing, to this chaotic heap of empty boxes ready to be recycled.

This was the scene that met me this morning - looks a mess but I assure you was very much organised chaos!

I have been reliant on this colour coded piece of paper to aid me in my packing!

And yesterday in 5 hours of continual packing we completed - 56 boxes!

Today has been the final push and with a further 36 boxes packed - the order is complete! Well my bit of it is anyway - Jeff now has to book all the parcels in with the courier for a Monday dispatch, fix on all the address labels for 30 individual stores and then trolley them all down the hallway to the loading bay and onto the van!

This little lot is not going out until Wednesday - I mustn't forget!

I must confess, it's lovely seeing space again.

I would like to thank my wonderful team for all their help - I most certainly wouldn't have got through it all without them and continue to keep up with all my normal dots and spots orders of which the most recent, will be given my full attention tomorrow and Saturday!

I will reveal all once I see it in store - don't get too excited - you may not have heard of them. I certainly hadn't before one of the stores was built local to me!


Jayne Schofield said...

You must be exhausted ! Well done...bottle of wine time !

buttonboxcards said...

wowzers looks like you have been a very busy bee!
Well done xx

Silly Old Bear Crafts said...

Wow you've been a busy bee! Just watched the You tube, it sent shivers up my spine, and a little lump in my throat! Wonderful!

hello gorgeous said...

hurrah for dedication....and colour coding! ;op

well done chick for getting it all done...seemed like a mammouth task!

if you're interested, there's a colour challenge on my blog {} - first time I've thrown out a challenge!


hello gorgeous xxx

Jean-Mary said...

Wow!! That is huge in it's taskness!! But how fab to have such a big order!!

Karenza Paperie said...

well done at getting the order ready, a lovely birthday, anniversary and sbs winner all in one week!! can't wait to find out where the order is going!

Karenza Paperie said...

I saw a few cards and tape in the local Dobbies today.