Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A morning - cooking

This morning I have been on ‘home duty’, Jeff has gone back to school to do some prep for next week, so I have been in charge of the children and this morning I wanted to give them my undivided attention. I asked them what they wanted to do – Sam “nothing”, Sophie “cooking.”

So with a fruit bowl over flowing with over ripe bananas, it was decided that Banana Loaf would be a good choice.

Sophie loves to cook, well to be honest, when in the mood both children do.

I do, when I have time.

I don’t enjoy the ‘it’s 5.00pm – what shall we have for tea cooking’ but I do enjoy a morning in the kitchen with no time pressure.

Whilst it was in the oven, Sophie started perusing my old cookbooks for her next cooking session.

We used a Delia recipe - always works -and a hour later, we had not one but 2 yummy Banana Loaves

Sophie's verdict - smiles, so all good.

My verdict - well the proof is in the eating - delicious!


KC'sCourt! said...

Mmmmmmmmm! I love Banana cake.
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Nic said...

Yum! I love banana cake but mine is always rubbish so I stick to making other cake and buying banana cake. I bet Sam enjoyed the cake even if he didn't fancy making it ;)

Calico Kate said...

I don't like banana cake which is why I make such a lot of it! I have EIGHT sitting in the freezer just now!
Just caught up with recent travels and activities, no idea how you manage to blog too!
Re Twitter - you need to get a slow cooker - best invention EVER, put it on in the morning eat from it in the evening = no more 5pm what do have tonight type cooking!

Anonymous said...

fab! as you know i've been baking banana and oat bread recently - always a hit! I, too, am not a fan of 'what to cook tonight' meals but every now and then i cook up a storm in the kitchen because i can! back to school next week means firing up the slow cooker again. As CK says 'best invention EVER!'.
k x