Friday, 26 August 2011


We get so many Charity requests via email, twitter and facebook - so many, that we have had to agree on a policy. We have decided as a business, to support one National Charity and one Local Charity of our choosing each year. We will then decide if and when to support other events as we see fit. Everyone has such valid reasons for asking for support but it really is not possible to support everyone or pick and choose, so we sadly won't respond to email, facebook or twitter requests as we simply can not respond to everyone - sorry.

Recent requests we chose to become involved with, was the Riot Raffle - the fabulous idea of Zoe -and her endeavours to raise money for those affected by the recent riots. I will tell you more once our prize has been loaded onto the website.

And the second was to offer a raffle prize for a (very) old school friend, found via facebook. She is organising a charity night in aid of Breast Cancer Care. I sadly couldn't make the event itself but was more than happy to contribute to the night in some way.

I wish we could help everyone but the reality is, we simply can't but we wish everyone well in their events and fundraising.

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Plus Size Shopaholic said...

We are a tiny, tiny e-commerce business and the amount of requests we get on Facebook for donations is crazy, so we had to make a policy a few months ago. Being in profit first would be good ;) I WISH we were loaded so I could help more people out. Cancer charities and ones for animals always tug at my heart strings.