Saturday, 20 August 2011


So sadly every holiday has to come to an end - I have had a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxed, switched off week, spending quality time with my family and it's been lovely.

My Dad joined us at the beach one morning and took the children out for their very first go out in his canoe - even I had a go! Of course there was no photographic evidence to show you, as I always seem to take the photos but it was a lovely morning.

We were very lucky to have 4 days of sunshine and spent it mostly on the beach - so that's it for this year, we are now back at home taking stock of what we need to do! Orders have been coming in whilst we've been away from both the website and our trade customers so there's a lot to do on Monday - am taking tomorrow off just to round things off nicely and nudge myself back to work gently!

(Am now too relaxed!)

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