Monday, 1 August 2011


Now there is a lot going on at the moment work wise and the children were supposed to have spent last week down in Cornwall with my parents - but my Dad has been unwell, food poisoning (we think) so they have remained at home.

My daughter has had a bee in her bonnet about changing her room around for a while now and I kept saying 'later', 'in the holidays'. Well in her little mind, the minute the holiday started, it meant room changing! So on our return from Harrogate, with a full order book to work through and still the 'big' order to complete, I also spent my evenings shifting furniture around.

Her bed has been replaced by her desk.

Her cube unit / comfy area with her bed.

Her desk area is now a beauty area!!!

I can't quite believe how grown up she is becoming - other than move the furniture, she did all the rest. She has discovered the wonders of Harry Potter in the last week and is found in a quiet corner head down reading. This summer marks the end of her Junior School days as she prepares for Secondary School in September. No doubt we will be going shopping soon with a list as long as her arm and me an empty purse at the end of the day.


Rebecca said...

What a wonderful room! x

hello gorgeous said...

oh it won't be a list as long as HER will be as long as yours! ;o)

Happy shopping!


hello gorgeous xxx
p.s. nice job done on the move ;o)

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Lovely room, and I'm dead jealous of that pink paint! Gorgeous (from Leah, a girl aged 37 and a 1/4!)

Victoria said...

What a perfect bedroom. Wish my girls bedrooms looked like that - if you could get into them! Nothing better than changing furniture around. x

Julie Cliff said...

Lovely blog thanks for sharing, your daughters room looks gorgeous! x


And what a wonderful room it is too. Happy shopping for the new year! Kxx

Anonymous said...

wow she has a beautiful room x