Monday, 8 August 2011


Well you all know how I love to blog but you may or may not know that I also facebook and tweet via twitter. On a Sunday night Theo Paphitis, one of the famous Dragon's from Dragons Den, does a Sunday Night Shout Out for small businesses - You basically tweet about your business including his name and #SBS between 5.30 and 7.30pm - he looks through them all and re-tweets 6 of his favourites every Sunday to his 150,000+ followers.

Well last night was dots and spots night !

I must admit I have only ever done it about 5 times as I am always busy doing tea and getting the children sorted for school. But last night was Sam's birthday, we had invited his Grandpa over for tea and when he left, I quickly had a catch up of my tweets and just commented about Sam's birthday.

Well after Dragons Den had aired he re-tweeted his favourites and dots and spots was one of them! Well you would not believe what has happened on my twitter stream - well over a 100 new followers, 100's of fabulous supportive tweets and lots of 'pings' in my inbox!

Wow! What an end to a lovely day - I certainly went to bed smiling!


Wendy said...

Well done! If my experience is anything to go by, you'll also notice loads of extra hits on your website and blog too. Enjoy!

hello gorgeous said...

sounds like both you and Sam had a fabulous day! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Mother Hen said...

What a great thing to happen to you. You should be really pleased.

ruth said...

fantastic, congratulations!

I didn't even realise he did that till i saw your tweet last night, will keep an eye out in future!

Looks like a really good way to discover new companies,


KC'sCourt! said...

as you say WOW!
Julie xxxxx

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Awesome stuff! :)

Elle The Heiress said...


Much More From The Heart said...

well done!
BH x

Anonymous said...

wow thats amazing, keep up the good work x