Friday, 30 September 2011


.... the 'BIG' order that consumed my Summer.

90+ boxes that were filled to the brim with Christmas cards, place settings and decorative sticky tape. Well a lovely facebook follower let me know that she'd seen them in her local store, so I guess now they are 'out there' I can reveal where they all went.

It's to a retail chain of garden centre's called Dobbies.
I must confess until one moved into our local area I had never heard of them.

But they are big stores - 30+ stores around the UK, although predominately in Scotland and from 2008 they joined the giant that is Tesco's.

They do have a website and above is the interesting history of how the business has grown.

So after the tip off, I have been to visit our local store and there they were, dots and spots cards amongst their other Christmas bits and pieces.

I must say I did feel proud to see them there, I always get that little tingle of excitement when I see my stuff in a shop and when you lovely people out there, tell me where dots and spots goodies have been seen.

Fingers crossed they sell well and we will be doing it all again next year!!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooh this is so exciting!

Jane said...

Dobbies is a very popular desination for people taking elderly friends and family out for a cup of tea - I expect that you will do very well as they are really much more "gift shops with some plants outside" than garden centres per se, so people go to buy presents, cards and so on . . .
J x

susan said...

That's fantastic. Yes Dobbies is BIG here in Scotland and our one in Aberdeen has just had new premises buit and it's massive! Off to look for your stuff now!!

The Pea Pod said...

Wow, brilliant!

Karenza Paperie said...

I have seen a handful of your lovely christmas cards and tape in our local dobbies but displayed (if you can call it that) terribly so so glad the one near you has everything nice.

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Congratulations! All your hard work has been worth it :)

Calico Kate said...

OH How exciting!! What a coo too. I will look out for them next time we're in Glasgow Dobbies is very well known in Scotland.

Fay's Studio said...

This is great to see, and such a huge company. You must be really proud to see your work in store. I know that 'tingle' you feel when all the hard work pays off. Fantastic!