Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Tomorrow is December the 1st and marks the start of Advent - always the marker in our house that Christmas has officially started. I found a few ideas on Pinterest which I thought were lovely...

This idea was from this Norwegian blog

Love these little houses - source

And of course there had to be spots involved somewhere - this fantastic idea found on etsy

In our house the Advent calendars have been put up,

Sophie's mystery mini lucky dip gifts have been wrapped and numbered.

And Sam.... well Sam begged me to let him have a lego Star Wars Advent Calendar this year. He does love his lego, so I relented this year but fail to see how it is festive in any way!

The new Christmas chocolate tin has been filled and

the Christmas hats dusted off ready for the festive photo.

Last year we really went to town but time hasn't seemed to have been on our side this year so we will have to ease into Christmas gently - love that clementines are now on sale and taste delicious - a real taste of Christmas.

4 comments: said...

Think he deserves a Star Wars calendar this year, poor mite. I was also begged for one but unlike you I'm not such a lovely mum and didn't give in :-) I nearly bought the other lego one until I realised it was robber figures stealing Christmas presents - uh no. How weird is that?

dots and spots said...

must confess don't see the relevance of lego to advent but would probably spend £20 on little things to wrap up and as he loves his lego at the moment.... okay he begged so much I gave in LOL

Kandi said...

Isn't it exciting, I have your advent calendar ready to open tomorrow!
kandi x

FairlyGirly said...

Bought the Star Wars advent as a surprise,for doing well at school, it was very well received this morning. Yoda in a santa suit the token christmas effort! I love our traditional chocolate Santa one more.