Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's Day

Sunday is Father's Day - a day to say thank you (if you don't do it anyway!) to your Dad.

 So a big Thank You to my Dad - who is always there for me, normally on the end of a phone these days but nevertheless always there. I must take a more recent photo of him this Summer, when we go to Cornwall to visit - had to hunt high and low for one he'd be happy for me to print and this was years ago!

 Then there is my father-in-law - who has always been lovely to me and this picture shows him coming to support me recently at the swan launch. He lives locally and comes over for his tea once a week, so gets to see the children on a regular basis.

 And then there's Jeff, the children's Daddy and a fab Daddy he is too.

 Jeff is such a good Dad, the sort of Dad I had and I'm sure he could say the same of his Father. He is ALWAYS there for the children, be it going on a bike ride, swimming in the sea, sneaking chocolate in for him and the children! Helping with the homework, solving technical problems, gives cuddles and telling's off, watching silly programmes with them - he is there whenever, whatever and they are 2 very lucky children indeed.

 He can sometimes be a little mad, like swimming in the see on Boxing Day but I guess, that just makes him even more of a fun Dad!

 So we will be celebrating with a family BBQ (in the rain - no doubt) tomorrow with Jeff and his Dad and then next weekend I'm hosting a lunch for my Dad as it's also his Birthday. I am lucky to have such wonderful Father figures in my life and I hope (I'm sure they do) my 2 children realise what a fabulous Dad they have.

Happy Father's Day


Fleur Cotton said...

What a lovely post Becky, and I just love your final photo of the kids with their dad hand in hand.

Hope the weather brightens up for your BBQ.

Fleur xx

Amanda said...

Happy 4th bday for next week! x