Monday, 18 June 2012

She's back!

 YEAH! after nearly 2 weeks of absence - she's back and in a new home outside Maddie Brown, where she belongs!

 Royally Dotted and Wells Spotted is one of 60 Swans on display in Wells this Summer. She is sponsored by St Andrews Press (my printers), Maddie Brown (one of our lovely stockists) and by dots and spots (me)!

 As you know she didn't like the rain on her first visit out, so she's had time to dry out, extra varnish has been applied and fingers crossed she will now reside in her new home for the duration of the Summer!

 She has a lovely sunny 'spot', weather permitting and if you are visiting and want a dots and spots memento - just pop into Maddie Brown  and treat yourself to our lovely things.

Not sure who these two are!!! 


Anonymous said...

Becky, was the Swan decorated for the Jubilee or some other event?

(I am MissPeeg on the Twitter)

dots and spots said...

The swans Miss Paula are part of the Jubilee celebrations in Wells, Somerset. 60 swans have been decorated and are positioned around the city for the duration of the summer. You can get a trail map and follow the swan art trail. In late September they are all being auctioned off and the money goes towards local charities - you can read all about it here -

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Your kids must be so proud of their Mum. Fabulous Job