Saturday, 30 June 2012


.....has resumed!

 It's been at least 5 weeks since I last walked, I can't say a huge chunk of my life has been missing because of not walking but I've just 2 stubborn pounds to shift before I reach my 2 stone goal and I need all the help I can get!

 I don't, not enjoy my walking, it's just another thing to fit into an already busy day but I still have more weight to lose and also want to improve my fitness levels, so walking it is!

 It was a beautiful morning to start out again - hardly another soul out and about, just the baby ducklings to keep me company.

 I am lucky to have this on my doorstep too, so here's hoping my new resolve will last. I want to lose another stone by the end of September for the posh Swan Auction event in the Bishop's Palace and then another by Christmas. I then have a University 20 year meet up in March next year to get to my target before....

.....a week in Ibiza next May to look forward to (YES! I just booked next years holiday!)

So motivation and goals a plenty, just need to stick at it. Oh, and there's a denim jacket I haven't worn for years and years I'd love to get back in to.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, keeping my fingers crossed the sun will shine.


Unknown said...

good for you Becky. I too have about a stone to lose - but then I am guessing as I never weigh myself. I just know by what appears over my waist band. There it all is. Hey ho.
Your holiday destination looks wonderful. x

henny designs said...

I'm the same as Gabriella, I always know by how my clothes fit too.
Walking is one of my things. I now do circuits of the garden (long thin 100ft garden) for 30 mins most days. I love it because I can switch off and daydream yet if the door goes I can still get it. I'm sure the neighbours thought I was a bit mad at first but since I'm still doing it over a year later I think they've got used to it now.
Walking rocks!

Crafted by Carly said...

You're doing a good job there!!! Well done, you!

Elli Moody said...

Sounds like you're doing really well! I've started walking too - but it's easier for me because I have a dog who gives me dirty looks until I get the dog lead out... Keep up the good work! :)

Stripes and Stars said...

Becky, well done with the weight lose. I'm trying to shift 10 pounds, but it's not working. I must stay off the wine. How far do you walk. I think that's the key.
Good luck, you are doing great.

dots and spots said...

I'm short and have always been on the chunkier side but over the past couple of years, with being so busy, the pounds have accumulated. So my stance this time, is not to diet but move more, eat less and healthier. Slow and steady is the order of play - my walk is only once, sometimes twice around the park - just over a mile probably, takes me just over 20mins but at the moment that is what I can manage and can stick to on a daily basis - better than nothing!;0)

Chandlers Candles said...

Oh I can really relate to all you say, shifting the weight is so hard particularly when, like me you have a passion for baking!
Good luck, hope you reach your targets, with so many wonderful incentives I am sure you will!

Fleur Cotton said...

Brilliant Becky ...keep all that good work up! Just getting out there is the hardest ..making the effort is always the battle - so good for you.

Hope you don't get too wet on all your walks - everytime I'm out running at the moment get covered in horsefly bites - nightmare!

Happy walking
Fleur xx

Helen Pickup said...

Wow, I recognize that last photo of Ibiza. I've actually led on one of those sunbeds next to the sea in the beach bar with a lge beer in my hand. Enjoy!